Residential Roofing

Residential Roofing

Exemplar Roofing serves the counties of El Paso, Douglas and Teller with residential single and multi-family roof replacements, repairs and certifications. From dimensional shingles to designer, from tile to stone-coated steel, from metal to low-slope, your roofing contractor in Colorado Springs should know the ins and outs of every roof replacement option. Whether your project is through an insurance claim for storm damage or personally financed, Exemplar Roofing has the experience, knowledge and extensive training to solve your problems.


Dimensional shingles have two layers of shingle material bonded together to give the appearance of a three-dimensional layout..

Impact Resistant UL2219 shingles, also known as Class 4, are reinforced systems designed to withstand hail and wind damage.


Designer shingles, also with a 3D appearance, are asphalt shingles which come in a countless variety of alternative styles and value.


Tile Roof systems are available in a variety of materials from concrete, composite, slate and terracotta among others.


Stone-coated steel roofs are made with steel, coated in chips and granules of stone which are attached by an acrylic film, designed to create a highly durable system.





Exemplar Roofing understands the insurance claim process can be daunting, which is why it is important to have a roofing contractor in Colorado Springs and El Paso County with experience, knowledge and finesse in working with homeowners and insurance carriers to ensure the scope and estimated costs of your claim are accurate.

Here are a few answers to frequently asked questions to help you. We encourage you to contact us with any additional questions you may have.


Q: I heard roofers will help customers pay their deductible or “work it” into the cost of the roof when they have an insurance claim.  Can Exemplar Roofing do that for me?

In accordance with Colorado Revised Statute Title 6, Article 22, SS 6-22-105, contractors are prohibited from paying in whole or in part a homeowner's deductible and any attempt to do so is considered insurance fraud. While Exemplar Roofing wants to help every client in every aspect of the claim process it can, but resources are limited if any in helping homeowners "cover" their deductibles. However, we encourage homeowners to contact us and learn in what alternative ways we can help your out-of-pocket costs.

Q: The insurance company didn’t give me enough money from my claim to cover your estimated cost. What do I do now?

Do not panic. Sometimes insurance field adjusters miss certain aspects involved in replacing you existing roof system, or he/she may not know the proper regional costs or both materials and labor to properly estimate the project. Exemplar Roofing has unmatched experience explaining our estimate to your insurance carrier or adjuster so they can appropriately "adjust" your claim to properly cover the costs of which the carrier is responsible. The next step would be to schedule a time to meet our representative so together you may review our estimated costs with that of the insurance company, and put a plan together to move your project forward.

Q: What are Class 4 impact resistant shingles? My insurance company is offering a discount for them on my premiums if we have them installed.

Class 4 impact resistant shingle systems are reinforced shingles which undergo UL2219 testing to determine if the shingle can withstand impact testing under a certain criteria. This testing however does no account for jagged-edge hail, wind-driven hail or hail in diameters larger than two inches. No roofing system is impervious to hail damage entirely, but most Class 4 shingle engineering will usually help protect against "normal" hail and wind damage.

Q: Hail seems to damage my roof every couple years. Is there a product out there which is more durable for the kind of hail we have in Colorado?

No roofing system is completely impervious to hail damage, unfortunately. However, there are systems and products on the market which are more than likely more durable than the roof systems you've had in the past, some of which could add substantial value to the property overall. It is always best to have our representative show you the different options of upgrading your roof for value and durability before you make your final replacement decisions.

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